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A Hand Up

2. A Hand Up

The most important benefit of FIABCI membership is a helping hand from international real estate veterans and market leaders. The FIABCI ethos is one of sharing and camaraderie. Connect to International Directory.


It gives me great pleasure to report a successful referral between FIABCI-USA member Shu Wu’s real estate brokerage firm in Beijing and my company Advanced Global Realty. The relationship began during the FIABCI December Business Meetings in Washington D.C., when Shu introduced me to a highly qualified buyer interested in the very difficult Boston market.

After closing this deal, I can attest that referrals truly work within the FIABCI family. This was an inbound referral that required educating the client to the market as well as the nuances of ownership in the United States. 

Looking forward I am sure that there are more opportunities to cooperate with our members in China. FIABCI is fortunate to have members in China as well as a close relationship with the Chinese Institute of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers (CIREA). The Chinese inbound market continues to develop. We should take every opportunity to form lasting relationships for referral business.

Edward Alford, South Hadley, MA

Because of my FIABCI connection, I was engaged by the International Investment Alliance as their Director of Business Development. My job is to develop investment opportunities by connecting them with investors both in the U.S. and in China. I have also connected them to George Betz a FIABCI mebmer in London; George has an extensive network in China! My FIABCI experience has also given me the skills to organize presentations and networking events for the company, with astounding results. One of the co-founders of IIA has also since joined FIABCI.

In addition I was contacted by the owner of an office building to list their $2M property. They had this property listed with a traditional commercial broker with little result, so they thought they would think outside the box and look for someone with “international” experience and exposure. The owners Googled me and now I am going to list their building for them. 

Most recently, I have been asked by one of my very good friends and Chinese investor to form a partnership with her and her long-time friend who is based in Shanghai. Both ladies had been to college in Washington State and are active with an Investor Group in Shanghai. I have been given the task of finding good investment projects for these investors here in the U.S. and elsewhere! The fact that I have access to brokers and properties globally is definitely attractive to them.

Elizabeth Davidson – Seattle  

In Paris during a winter meeting, I met several FIABCI members and other real estate professionals.  One of which was a CB Realtor from Long Island.  Through our connection I was introduced to one of her clients from the UK who did all of the gates at the airports.  I rented a 2 bedroom at the Trump Condo on Park Avenue to him as his wife. They referred a friend from Dubai who I rented an apartment at the Olympic Towers. I have also had referrals  from Denmark and Ireland.

Eugenia Foxworth – New York

I received a phone call from a man who said he had a luxury home he wanted to sell & he thought this would be a good property to expose to the international market. I asked him how he came to choose me. He said he had read an interview with me in Chicago Agent Magazine where I talked about how being a member of FIABCI helps me with international business. I recommended that he hire a local agent for the necessary legwork & an appropriate pricing. When we arrived, we met the local agent he had chosen, agreed on the terms of marketing & compensation. I made an extensive list of all the improvements I felt were needed to bring the home up to the standard the international market place demanded. The owner complied to the letter and the home was sold in 5 months.

Maria Davies – Chicago


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