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Scholarship Foundation

The FIABCI Scholarship Foundation is an international initiative focused on supporting the future careers of our younger generation throughout the world. The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation to provide grants to students who demonstrate an interest in international real estate who are enrolled in a FIABCI member university. Funds have also been granted to member universities to further their international real estate education programs. The Foundation seeks qualified applicants from all FIABCI regions. Click here to apply


Recent Grantees:Fall 2016


Andrew Taylor Wade                             Wade Lu                                     Jermaine Coble
Harvard – United States                         NYU – United States                   NYU – United States

Cheng-Yu Wang                            Linda Sterna – Latvia                            Yichen Lu – Colby College
NYU – Taiwan                                Riga Technical University                     China

Spring 2016

Ang DingRodriguezKeltom

Jolin Ang – Harvard                Jane Ding – NYU                  Ana Daniela Rodriguez – Harvard        Keltom Aynan – Netherlands
Sinapore                                China                                  USA                                                      European Business School

Fall 2015

Bulmash PictureSetiawan PhotoTi Photo

Ben Bulmash, Canada – NYU           Vania Levina Setaiwan, Indonesia – NYU      Edward Seng Wei Ti, Singapore – Cambridge
HyungJoon (Simon) Kim PhotoDay PhotoHamani PhotoFerre Photo

Hyung Joon Kim, South Korea – Cornell     Wayne Day, USA – Texas A&M    Omar Hamani, Morocco – NYU   Jordi Ferre, Spain – NYU
Park PhotoLim Photo

Young Soo Park, South Korea – NYU    Kevin Lim, Indonesia – NYU

FIABCI Scholarship Foundation Trustee Michael Geh and FIABCI World President Danielle Grossenbacher accept a $62,000 donation to the Foundation at the 66th World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Lily Chang, Treasure Dragon Corp and FIABCI-Taiwan from a fundraiser she held with local developers.

Spring 2015

Zifeng Feng                          Pooya Nasseri                           Alison Kwiatkowski               Jingzhou Zhang
China                                    Iran                                          United States                        China
Florida International             Georgetown                              NYU                                       NYU

Nancy Jain                               Kevin Walsh                          Lauren Richter
India                                       United States                        United States
NYU                                        NYU                                       NYU


Grantees: Fall 2014


Carla L. Mendoza Luque                    Xiaochen (Justin) Wang                                      Paul Bidanset                            Lenny Longo
Peru                                                  China                                                                 United States                            United States
Texas A& M                                      Cornell                                                               University of Ulster                   Florida International University


Richard Gederts                                       Ola Kayode
Latvia                                                      Nigeria
Riga Technical University                         New York University

The FIABCI Scholarship Foundation Trustees at their meeting during the 65th World Congress in Luxembourg.  Click here for a list of the Trustees.

Spring 2014

Nida Mian                                              Jonathan Willen                            Christina Ann Thomas                      Yue Zhao
Pakistan                                                Sweden                                       India                                                China
Harvard                                                 Harvard                                       Colby College                                   NYU

Timothy Lin                                      Chang-xu Su                                  Advait Umesh Phatarfod
Singapore                                         China                                            India
Cornell                                             NYU                                              NYU

Fall 2013

Taizhuang Chen                           Gregory Demaiter                         Erik Douds                               Wajeha Qureshi                        Tatjana Staube
China                                           Canada                                        USA                                          Pakistan                                  Latvia
Johns Hopkins                               Harvard                                      Colby College                           Harvard                                   Riga Technical University

Katherine Flansburg                  Linda Kauskale                      Marjorie Perez
USA                                          Latvia                                  USA
Texas A&M                              Riga Technical University         Johns Hopkins


Spring 2013

India Case Study Group                                  Berlin Case Study Group

A grant was used to award prizes to two Case Studies from The George Washington University “Real Estate Development Cases” course co-taught at by Professor Dr. Tom Geurts and Anthony Balestrieri. One of the winning cases was in Berlin (Germany) dealing with the intricacies of redevelopment in a congested and politically sensitive area. The other was in Mumbai (India) where the development of a completely new shopping mall was analyzed. The students visited the cities and saw the developments first-hand and interacted with local specialists to better understand the issues and provide project-specific recommendations. Click on the highlighted links to view their presentations.


Lian Yi                             Rhiannon Mann                     Elena Chrisniceanu
China                               Australia                              Moldova
Cornell                             Univ. of Technology, Sydney    NYU

Lakeisha Byrd                 Hyun Choi                              Iveta Stamure
USA                                Korea                                    Latvia
Georgetown                   Harvard                                  Riga Technical University


Fall 2012

Sanda Geipele                Adam Romanov
Latvia                           USA, New York University
Riga Technical University
Geipele Research Paper